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Music Videos

Music videos begin at $1500 for 3 days of filming and 3-4 re-edits of the draft versions.  Budgets vary depending on the sie of the production, and the level of quality requested by the client. Please set up a call so we can discuss your video and let me find the best possible price.  Discounts are avakilable, so always ask! 


In early 2020, while dealing with a new normal under a global pandemic, just when we thought the world could not get more crazy, our nation was enveloped in yet another tragic death setting off a new round of racial tensions through out the world. 

I was invited by Emma G to create a behind the scenes video of the recording of a song she right, inspired by the events of the day.  I was very proud to be part of this project, as well as part of the message that racism is evil, and has no place on earth. My art is my voice, and this song was our anthem! 

At the height of the pandemic I was contacted by the incredibly talented Jarreau Williams about doing a music video for his soon to be release single "Chase'n Moonlight". This was to be my first music video, and Jarreau was incredibly gracous to trust me with this project.  

We had so much fun filming this, which was filmed in Washington DC, during three nights.  We rented a car, coordinated with my friends at the Georgetown Olive Oil Company, and spent about a month editing and fine tuning this video.


By the third night of filming we were exhausted, but we were both very happy with the process and the result  -- and the song is amazing! 

Towards the end of 2020 I was contacted by Songwriter and CEO of One Love Charity, Charity Hundeyin,  about doing a music video for her single "One World One Love".  It seemed very fitting at the end of such a horrible year that we remind everyone that once we do get back to normal, the world, and humanity still needs our help, and so many people have been hit harder than others as the pandemic and resulting economic disaster sweeps the globe. 

This video is a perfect example of how stock video can be used in a video project. For this project the client did not have a budget for filming, and she was located in other state.  Given the track, I was able to pull together stock clips that help tell the story. Along with imagery provided by the client, I think the result came out amazing! 

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