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Book a private online "one on one" Mentoring Session with me!

Regardless of your experience level, we all need a helping hand from time to time, I know I have! 

During my one on one video sessions we can review your portfolio, discuss a particular image, talk about challenges you are having with your camera or a certain type of photography, or even Lightroom and Photoshop techniques I use in my images. 

My mentoring day is every thursday. If you need to book time on a day other than Thursday. please feel free to email me directly at


My rate is $69 per hour, and we can use Zoom or Skype depending on what you are more comfortable with.


If you are interested in a one on one session, please reach out to me at least 3-5 days in advance by clicking on the button below.

The following skills are where I am strongest, and can definitely add value to you in a one on one session. 

  • Basic and Advanced Photography Skills

  • Nikon Camera Menus/Set up/ Usage

  • Basic and Advance Adobe Lightroom Techniques and Workflow

  • Basic and Advance Adobe Photoshop Techniques and Workflow


I look forward to meeting you and helping you advance your love of photography! 


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