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My mission is to tell your story


You are more than just the service or product that you provide. Your true value is in your purpose, why are you doing what you do. My job is to find that purpose, that passion, and help you communicate this to your potential clients.
There is no better way to help your customers know you, like you, and trust you, which will convert directly to more business for you! 


Let’s find ways to tell that story as we show case your business through professional video production. 


Our Services:

Video Business Card - $1200


The VBC is a professionally produced introduction of you and your business to your customers. We capture a scripted interview, generally of the boss (if desired a few other members of your team, or even testimonials) and include b-roll of your business location, and examples of your services. Typically, the final product runs between 2-5 mins, and are perfect for your website, or YouTube channel. This is your chance to let a potential client know who you are, what you do, why you do it, and touch a little bit on your story. The goal with a VBC is to convert anyone who may reach out to you, or find your website, into a new client. 


Planning and pre-production for this project would require 1-2 meetings with the "star" of the show, and/or members of the staff. One day of shooting would be just capturing "A day in the life" footage as well as some buttery smooth B roll with our motion control gizmos. Then, once we have a script ready, we book a session with you to film a short interview. This can be during the day, during an open appointment time, or after your last client of the day. I would need about 1 hour to get unloaded and set up, and another 30-45. mins to film. I would allow about 2 hours total for this day. 


Social Media Video Subscription - $450/Month 


This service is a no contract monthly plan where you pay up front for five (5) 15 to 30 second social media videos each month. Want to skip a month? No problem, we just check in with you each month. There is no obligation to go every month. However, if we let this run month to month, then we can work out a strategy, plan for upcoming holidays, sales, promotions, etc... this is a great way to have me basically on a retainer to produce videos for your social media platforms. 


Planning for this would just require some email exchanges, onsite visits, and then each month we'll come up with a shoot plan, where I'll come by your location and shoot some content, probably 1 or 2 times per month depending on what we are trying to capture. 

Need More?

​The possibilities are truly endless.  Need something more than a basic video? Have a series in mind for your YouTube channel? Need training videos? No problem, let's set up a consultation and i'll tailor a project to meet your needs. 

Why hire a professional?

My job is to capture your story, so you can focus on the value that you are adding to your clients. With each of my videos, all stock footage, stock images, and music is licensed to me, for use in my videos. This means no hassle, no worries about finding music we can use, and best of all, no litigation! 

Like you, I have the tools of my trade, and I am committed to bringing the very best gear, talent, and product to my clients. 

Let's do this!

I look forward to working with your business to help showcase what you do, so you can focus more on doing what you love. 

​Let's get something on the books! You can reach out to me at

Sample Videos

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