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Hi, I’m Gene. Thank you for checking out my site!

I am a portrait and fine art photographer specializing in capturing Milestone Moments, Family Interactions, children being children, athletes being amazing, and I also photograph cars and pets. I'm based in the Washington DC and Northern Virginia area.

My goal is to capture the most genuine moments during the important parts of life, especially engagements, graduations. I believe that we are defined by these milestones, and having priceless keepsakes of these important times become keepsakes and can be enjoyed for multiple generations. I still have a portrait my grandfather took of my Grand mother reading to my mother and my aunt, it hangs on my wall and inspires the kind of special moments I like to capture.

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Check out my Youtube Channel

Through out my professional life I have always advocated for pulling yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things. For me, adding video to my portfolio of services was a nature, and long overdue next step.  However, the learning curve and the challenges in video were both enormous, and rewarding! 


The main purpose of my youtube channel is to teach and share my techniques with other aspiring photographers. Sharing my passion has always been a passion in itself. However, the other goal of my channel is to push me to produce videos more often, which has already improved my skills, which you can see if you go back and watch some of my earlier content. I love this progression, and would be honored if you would joined me on this journey!


Please on consider subscribing and join the fun! It's a great way to get to know me, and for me to share my passion with you!  See you in my next video! 


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